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Laser tattoo removal, a revolutionary process.

How many times we ask ourselves if we could eliminate all our youthful mistakes! unfortunately we cannot erase all of them, but fortunately we can eliminate the tattoos that we made at that time when getting a tattoo seemed spontaneous and fun but after a while with that permanent tattoo on the skin many regret the decision and for a variety of reasons, Whether a bad tattoo, a tattoo without meaning, for others it is simply a bad memory or simply a tattoo that has survived its novelty and when that happens many people look for an alternative to eliminate that constant reminder every time you look at the skin and you know not to remove it … it will last a lifetime.

laser tattoo removal, tattoo laser removal

At IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center in Miami, we believe that people have the option to change and the chance to eliminate those unwanted tattoos safely and permanently. With new and advanced methods of tattoo removal, such as our advanced laser tattoo removal treatment technology, unwanted tattoos do not have to be a permanent reminder of youthful exuberance.

Laser tattoo removal is a revolutionary process that uses pulses of Q-Switched lasers to break the tattoo ink molecules without disturbing the main layers of the skin. Although laser technology has existed since 1958, the use of lasers is a medical procedure that has been a recent phenomenon in the last fifteen years. Nowadays, laser is the preferred technique for patients and medical professionals for tattoo removal due to its speed and efficiency, our machines work quickly which makes a treatment of for example a back can be due in 15 minutes average.

laser tattoo removal, tattoo laser removal
laser tattoo removal, tattoo laser removal

How does laser tattoo removal works?

During the laser tattoo removal process, the ink molecules are broken into smaller pieces so that they can be transported in the bloodstream using the white cells as a means of transport to the lymphatics of the skin and from there expelling them out of our system. Laser professionals do this by using lasers to break specific color pigments in the tattoo on the dermis layer. The number of laser treatments required is determined by many factors, including the size, color and type of ink (professional or amateur) of the tattoo and may vary from 6 to 12 treatments or more, with 1-2 months between each treatment to allow that the skin recovers completely before being treated again.

laser tattoo removal, tattoo laser removal

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Because tattoos are drawn on the dermis (secondary layer of the skin), in some areas they can be painful that varies from person to person as well. For the tattoo ink to remain in the skin, the ink molecules are larger than the blood cells, so they cannot dissolve in the body. At our office, we offer topical anesthesia to make the laser tattoo removal procedure more comfortable and tolerable.

Will it leave a scar?

The Miami IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center is very effective in laser Tattoo removal procedure, leaving only satisfied clients and demonstrating the effectiveness of our laser tattoo removal treatment. In most cases, the tattoo is completely removed without leaving marks or scars, it is important to emphasize that in other the tattoo be removed completely from the skin, it is necessary to continue the treatments until the ink has completely disappeared.

laser tattoo removal, tattoo laser removal

Nicklas Campagna

I went to Idealaser and got a tattoo removed. They paid great attention to detail in my opinion. It was removed faster then I imagined. I will be going back for sure! They treated me like family and I would recommend them to anyone. Lots of place in miami give you a hard time but this was a breeze as far as customer service and the service provided.

Evelyn Pina

Im having the tattoo removal treatment, the spa is very clean and top of the line machines. I’m having my treatment with Odalys she’s great and very profesional, I’m seeing great result with my treatment, very happy averall!!!!

Rany Eymi

100 % happy with my laser tattoo removal result, I absolutely love idealaser staff Odalys is a very nice and acknowledgment lady she take her time and always keeps me entertained with a very smart conversation. my experience in general was amazing. I can’t wait to do my Laser hair removal, if you are looking for a nice friendly cosmetic center in Miami this is the place! I recommend this office with close eyes 100%

Bernard Arritola

My laser tattoo Removal was an amazing experience and the best results! My technician Odalys is extremely nice! Highly recommended

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