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why laser resurfacing? We already know; you’ve lived an active outdoor lifestyle, but cumulative sun exposure has gradually contributed to the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sunspots, but you’re not yet interested or ready for invasive plastic surgery, but you still want to eliminate sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin and/or improve the texture of your skin; then: CO2 laser rejuvenation is for you. This is the complete and most amazing facial rejuvenation of recent years; some people call it The Glass face Result.

Idealaser Cosmetic Center of Miami features a variety of state-of-the-art anti-aging procedures. Among these treatments is the well-known CO2 fractional laser, known as  laser resurfacing this fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin rejuvenation is one of the most effective procedures for improving skin texture, reducing moderately deep lines, removing sunspots, and tightening the skin. Because CO2 laser rejuvenation is based on stimulating the production of collagen, the results are very impressive, giving a very natural appearance since the configuration of the face shape is not changed at all, which is not the case when trust only injectable fillers.

More specifically, fractional CO2 laser rejuvenation accelerates and multiplies the production of collagen and as we all know collagen is the main support protein in our skin, it makes the skin more tense and youthful, by losing collagen and elastin we lose firmness in the skin, so it is necessary to activate and accelerate the production of this precious protein called Collagen.

The CO2 Laser produces a spectacular improvement in the tone and texture of the skin; removes sunspots, in addition to smoothing lines, especially wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. By removing the top layers of damaged skin, CO2 laser resurfacing also has a medical benefit, removing precancerous lesions and stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin.

CO2 treatments are most common on the face, but the neck, chest, and hands are also often treated to help reverse the signs of aging and keep multiple areas well-coordinated.


This treatment rejuvenates the skin by using heat to stimulate the production of new collagen. As collagen production speeds up, the skin tightens, and wrinkles disappear.

This CO2 laser procedure is a natural way to smooth or eliminate wrinkles because it stimulates skin cells called fibroblasts to organically produce more collagen.

This rejuvenating CO2 laser resurfacing removes surface pigmentation, improves skin health, and soothes wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, as well as vaporizing unwanted discolorations on the skin.

Three months after the treatment, the wrinkles are significantly smoothed and the skin tone will be much brighter and it does not stop there, the appearance of the skin will continue to improve over the course of approximately 6 months.

Only one treatment per year is usually required, but this can vary from person to person depending on the depth of the wrinkles and the aggressiveness of the spots and/or the flaccidity of the skin.

Usually a week after the treatment, you will be wearing light makeup again and you will be very excited about the improvement and as time goes by you will see the wrinkles melt away in front of your eyes, you will see a maximum tightening of the skin between 3-6 months.

Preguntas Frequentes

Basically, and specifically the CO2 Laser is used to rejuvenate the skin, because fractional CO2 laser rejuvenation focuses on wrinkle removal, firms’ texture, evens out discolorations and brown spots, correcting color problems, removing fine lines, and tightening the skin, giving the entire face a younger, fresher appearance. Although in most cases it is used to treat the face, the CO2 laser is also used to improve the skin of the neck, chest, arms, and hands. It is very common to combine it with surgical procedures to lift the face and neck. When a face or neck lift is performed, the condition of the skin often does not match the result on the skin where the lift was done, making a lot of difference. By rejuvenating the skin with CO2 at the same time as the surgery, the result is much more natural. This amazing laser also soothes and eliminates vertical lines around the mouth and tightens the skin on the eyelids, something that no other surgical or injectable procedure can do well.

In the 1990s, fully ablative CO2 laser resurfacing was the only technology available, and because this laser removed the entire surface of the skin, recovery was prolonged and there was a high likelihood of scarring or permanent pigmentation changes. after treatment. These fully ablative devices have now been superseded by fractional devices that offer faster recovery with far fewer side effects. The fractional CO2 laser works by focusing microscopic beams of light on the skin in a grid pattern. Because water is the target of this laser (an important component of the skin) This rejuvenating laser vaporizes tissue when fired, vaporizing away brown spots or sun damage, and the resulting micro-wounds created by the Lasers stimulate a wound healing process that leads to collagen synthesis. Ultimately, these smoothest lines and tightens the skin. Because there are small areas of “normal” skin between the micro wounds, healing is accelerated. The new pink skin is usually very noticeable 5 to 10 days after the procedure.

During your evaluation, your skin specialist will review your medical history, your medications, as well as evaluate your skin and discuss your expectations. Certain medical conditions and medications can increase the risks of the procedure and the recovery time. We do not recommend this treatment if you smoke, it is better to stop smoking or reduce your habit before treatment, as smoking delays the recovery process. Prophylactic antiviral medications will always be recommended to prevent outbreaks of cold sores after your Fractional CO2 Laser procedure.

Healthy people with realistic expectations who are seeking skin resurfacing, surgical scar treatment, or acne treatment are excellent candidates for fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Patients with active inflammatory skin conditions may require treatment of these conditions prior to laser, and those with very dark skin are not good candidates due to the risk of a laser side effect of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation, i.e., changing the color of the skin. the skin.

Before Treatment:

Your specialist will define problem areas and take pre-procedure reference photos. Generally, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and have a family member or friend accompany you to drive you home after the procedure is complete. You will always receive a full briefing on what to expect, possible side effects, and how to care for yourself after the procedure to avoid a complication.

– avoid any sun exposure before and after C02 Laser

-avoid any Retin A products before and after C02 Laser.

– Avoid Chemical peels, facials, any skin care treatment prayer and before and after the procedure because the skin is going to be very fragile.

-Avoid All skin care products on the day of procedure. Do not sunscreen as well.

– You are going to receive a prescription of Keflex antibiotic and acyclovir an antiviral medication. Start to take the medication today’s prayer the procedure and 3 times a day for 7 days

– You can take vitamins arnica and bromelain that helps with bruising and swelling. take 3 days before the procedure I’m keep taking 5-10 days after the procedure.

The procedure

A combination of topical local anesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort prior to the procedure. We have specialized techniques to minimize discomfort during the numbing process. General anesthesia is unnecessary and puts you at greater risk. Once comfortable, your specialist will use a combination of settings specifically tailored to your skin type and the degree of rejuvenation expected. After treatment, an emollient is applied, and the aftercare instructions are revisited. The entire procedure takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

The procedure

A combination of topical local anesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort prior to the procedure. We have specialized techniques to minimize discomfort during the numbing process. General anesthesia is unnecessary and puts you at greater risk. Once comfortable, your specialist will use a combination of settings specifically tailored to your skin type and the degree of rejuvenation expected. After treatment, an emollient is applied, and the aftercare instructions are revisited. The entire procedure takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

You will receive detailed instructions for postoperative care. Following these instructions is essential to maximize your comfort, achieve the best results, and avoid complications.

Once your CO2 laser resurfacing treatment is finished you will not have any pain, you will have a lot of swelling, you may feel hot, but there is very little pain, the burning sensation will come after about 6 to 8 hours after the procedure is finished. Cold water with vinegar will make you feel very nice and comfortable. You will feel like you have a bad sunburn, and your skin will be warm. Initially, the swelling is usually more significant around the eyes. It is normal for the skin to be moist and even crusty and/or have a liquid appearance, especially due to the excessive use of Aquaphor which is so necessary.

Over the course of 3 to 7 days, the old, damaged skin will begin to slough off, and mild peeling will continue for up to 10 days. Although your skin may remain pink for a few weeks, most patients can apply makeup 7-10 days after treatment. We will be watching your healing closely to make sure you are progressing well and healing as expected. Our staff will be available for any questions you may have during the recovery period.

– Yellow scabs are normal during the first 3-6 days.

– Itching is a normal healing process.

– The neck takes longer to heal, and, in some cases, we don’t see much change in the neck.

– The deeper the laser goes, the longer it will take before you start to see the scabs peeling off, but when this starts to happen, you will see beautiful new pink skin.

– The healing process is different for each person; it usually takes 7 to 10 to get the new skin. But it can be a little longer.

– You will continue to use the aftercare at your next appointment. You need to continue it because you have new and fragile skin and you don’t want to disturb the surface of the skin because it’s starting to have a thin layer of epithelium and if you scratch or pick scabs, you’re going to bleed and may leave scars on the treated area, thing that no one wants.

– Do not rub, you can dry your face by gently patting with baby wipes, make sure everything is extremely clean, to avoid infection.

– Always wash your hands before touching the area.

Although your skin will be visibly tighter and smoother 1 week after the procedure, results are usually seen 3-6 months later, as it takes time for new collagen to be synthesized.

As with all cosmetic procedures, the skill and experience of your cosmetologist is key to this process.

Pricing for CO2 laser procedures varies based on your areas of interest, the number of sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. Partial facial area treatment starts at $1,500 and increases to $2,500 for a full facial. Individual scar treatment starts at $250.

The revolutionary fractional CO2 laser is an excellent treatment for patients suffering from severe sun damage, deeper wrinkles, uneven tone, and texture, as well as acne scarring. It also offers the benefits of skin tightening, a smooth, even complexion, and a radiant glow with just one session.

On average, most patients enjoy silky-smooth skin that lasts three to five years after undergoing laser therapy. Many patients stick with treatments by coming back every so often for a touch-up or complementary skin treatment.

How many CO2 treatments will I need? Most patients only need one CO2 treatment to see results; However, some patients with deeper wrinkles or scars may need multiple treatments to see results.

Clients will see results continue to gradually improve over months, with full results seen 3-6 months after treatment.

Nope! lasers do not thin the skin! Lasers, especially the fractional CO2 that are now in widespread use, increase the thickness of the dermis, where all the collagen, elastic fibers, and blood vessels are found. They also slightly increase the thickness and health of the outer layer, the epidermis.

Skin will continue to improve for several months after fractional CO2 laser skin treatment. And the results are permanent.

YES! Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is a proven treatment method for tightening sagging skin. The energy introduced by the laser stimulates the skin, promoting the production of collagen. The result is skin that looks much younger.

You will have some redness and swelling. You may also experience itching or burning for a few days after the procedure. Depending on the treatment, some people may get what looks like a bad sunburn. The skin will be raw, oozing, and may even blister.

In most cases after 10 days the redness will fade to a light pink and then resolve within several weeks to 2-3 months. For full CO2 laser resurfacing, redness takes longer to fade, and some pink may still be noticeable 4-6 months after treatment.

Nope! These lasers are designed to repair your skin and not cause further damage. Once a scar is removed with the fractional CO2 laser, it does not reappear. Of course, you may have scarring in other areas to be treated, but you won’t have to worry about scarring the treated skin again.

Although you can schedule a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment any time of year, it’s best to do the process in the winter, between early December and late March.

It is important to follow the instructions of your professional, after the CO2 fractional laser procedure, you should apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Be sure to also use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer twice a day and avoid harsh products. It’s also best to limit your use of makeup products because they can further irritate your skin.

Nope! Fractionated LASERS do not cause wrinkles, do not damage the skin and do not stain it

Sleep with your head elevated with pillows or in a recliner for the first night to reduce swelling. If swelling persists through day 2, again sleep with your head elevated (above your heart).

Nope! CO2 laser has no risk of facial fat loss. It can help stimulate collagen growth when done deeper, which can help lift and tighten the skin. It will help renew the skin’s surface, minimize pore size, minimize fine lines/wrinkles, and improve any changes in texture/scarring.

While more invasive than fillers, Thermage and Ultherapy, Fraxel RePair and other CO2 systems offer fast and dramatic results with the power to reduce the volume of sagging skin that causes double chin in one treatment.

Nothing can travel deeper into our skin than the laser, that’s a factor! laser treatments are superior to chemical peels because of how controllable and precise they are. Laser is also better for deep collagen remodeling. If you are trying to treat wrinkles or sagging skin, lasers will always be a better option.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is highly effective for neck rejuvenation, offering substantial improvement in skin laxity, wrinkles, texture, and pigmentation.

Laser resurfacing can lead to bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. The most common infection is an outbreak of the herpes virus, the virus that causes cold sores, so prior to your treatment we will prescribe Acyclovir.

Provides excellent improvement in fine lines, overall texture, and a reduction in problem areas of pigmentation. It has a dramatic effect on deep wrinkles. Acne scars also respond to CO2 laser resurfacing; most of our patients notice a 50% to 70% improvement in their acne scars in the first treatment

Sun Damage may be the most common type of skin pigmentation treated with fractional CO2 laser treatment.

After your laser treatment it is best to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen even if you plan to stay indoors during the day, keep in mind that if you are trying to rejuvenate yourself, remove scars or blemishes the sun is not your best dude.

Nope! no alcoholic beverages: You should avoid alcohol for 10-15 days after the operation or until the redness disappears. The recovery process will vary from patient to patient and depending on the level of treatment performed.

Other aftercare tips would be:

  • Avoid hot showers/saunas. Laser treatment works on the principle of using heat to destroy hair follicles.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise.
  • Avoid makeup and harsh skin products.
  • Avoid the sun for a week after each session.

CO2 is the most invasive laser treatment we have. The co2 causes some discomfort, but we make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. The sensation felt is often like a “pins and needles” sensation, but the discomfort only takes 3-5 days, after that period you would not believe the appearance of your new skin.

At Idealaser we are proud to offer this treatment to anyone who is tired of dealing with skin imperfections. This procedure can be combined with a variety of other treatments for a complete makeover. The normal price is $2500 per session, but this month you can enjoy our specials. If you would like more information about CO2 laser resurfacing or any of our other treatments

we invite you to call us today at (786) 306-6199.

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