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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal Service in Miami, FL

Laser hair removal is one of the best ways for you to enjoy silky smooth, soft skin, and IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center offers professional and safe laser hair removal service in Miami, FL. We have been around for over a decade, and we are proud to offer the highest-quality hair removal, along with our excellent customer service, for an affordable price. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Are you thinking or decided to get permanent laser hair removal? Then I’m sure you’ll have many questions about it, such as: what is the best type of laser machines? : There are a number of different machines and manufacturers on the market, but always make sure it is a true Laser, approved by the FDA and not an IPL machine (IPL are good machines for many things, but they are not recommended for permanent laser hair removal). With true laser like Candela Gentle yag laser Your skin will always be safe, without changes of color or dark spots, if your skin is light then you can use Laser Diode Lighsheer or Alexandrite or Nd Yag in that case all are good for you, if you have dark skin type then the only and safe option for you is Gentle Yag Laser.

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laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the safety and fastest way to eliminate those unwanted hairs on the face or body, as long as you use true laser. Initially Laser hair removal was only for light skin, with the passage of time scientists were improving the discoveries and nowadays laser hair removal is available for all skin types from the lightest to very dark. It is no less true that laser hair removal for dark skin can be more complicated, you really have to have the right laser for those types of skin that is Nd Yag Laser “approved and certified by the FDA“, if the dark skin is treated with the Correct laser will respond to laser treatment very safely and effectively.

Laser hair removal seems very simple, but it is necessary that there are experienced professionals who perform the treatment. In lighter skins, you can use lasers such as diode and alexandrite laser that are very effective for laser hair removal. You must have knowledge of the different laser machines to be used in each skin type to avoid causing temporary hyperpigmentation or temporary skin pigmentation.

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal, contraindications?

It is scientifically proven that laser hair removal does not have to many contraindications always when you get away from the sun and tanning beds, except for some medications, for what we recommend always inform your laser technician about any change in your medical history. But there is no connection between laser and cancer because this type of laser is only activated in the presence of melanin.

Laser Hair Removal, how many sessions?

Chemical and hormonal changes play a fundamental role in the number of sessions we will need. We can never know exactly how many treatments will be necessary since there are many factors that can alter the result from person to person, one of them is the state of hair growth, since the laser can only affect the derma papilla in the state of Anagen which is the active state of the hair, we usually have between 15 to 25% of the hair in that state, we hope that other hairs are falling in that cycle as we advance with the treatments, usually we need between 8-12 sessions to eliminate the hair definitively “but not all cases are the same, because the hair grows hormonally it is difficult to assure that other hairs do not grow back, the most hormonally affected areas are chin, upper lip, chest and areolas. If you suffer from any hormonal problem or hormonal changes occasionally your body can generate some new hairs here and there, so it is recommended in these cases once or twice a year you may need to undergo a maintenance hair removal treatment after you finished all the treatments. Costs / prices also vary depending on the areas and the amount of laser treatments you will need. Unlimited treatments its always a really good option.

Hair removal is not for everyone, some people are not candidates for the Laser procedure, for example it does not work for white, red or blond hair since the target of the Laser is melanin (color) in the hair. The True laser is very safe since it can not see anything in our body only what has color (melanin). The best candidate for Laser is light skin with dark hair, but with machines so advanced most people can receive laser hair removal treatments with great results. Laser hair removal is very effective especially in areas such as the armpits, face, bikini, legs, chest, back, chin, neck or any other area where hair has color.

I love my soft, smooth skin, without irritation or dark marks of hair.

One of the most innovative inventions of current medical and cosmetology.

Many people have problems with ingrown hairs or folliculitis, others suffer from acne from the razors which causes your skin to have severe skin rashes, in all these cases laser hair removal definitely not It is a luxury but a necessity,  True permanent Laser hair removal is undoubtedly one of the most innovative inventions of current medical and cosmetology.

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If you are wonder what to do before the treatment, first of all, do not tan between 2 to 3 weeks before your laser treatment “you should shave the area before and between each treatment, do not use wax 2-3 weeks before your appointment Depending on the area to be treated the sessions usually will be spaced 4-6 weeks this time adjusts to the usual duration between the stage of hair growth cycles.

Our priority is that you are comfortable in your treatment so the laser energy will be adjusted according to your tolerance, Aloe Vera gel can be applied after treatment if necessary, cold compresses can be applied if necessary, but we found that Most of our clients do not require it and after the treatment they are perfectly well to continue their daily activities, usually they will start to see results between 7 to 14 days.
Many will think it’s a luxury to get laser hair removal, but for me as a woman, I think it’s a necessity. Every morning I do not have to shave my armpits, bikini, legs, it saves me so much time in the shower, I love my soft, smooth skin, without irritation or dark marks of hair, I love that I do not have to shave or shave with the tedious and painful wax / wax, And those 20-30 extra minutes I take them with my children or just taking my coffee relaxed before going to work, but wearing my best skin, fresh, smooth and without ingrown hair marks.

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“At IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center of Miami, we use only the latest FDA approved equipment and our experienced medical directors and laser specialists follow strict safety procedures to ensure you receive the highest quality care.”
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