Keto Diet
or Ketogenic Diet

In the fight to get fit, changing up your body’s primary energy source could be the piece you’ve been missing. The Keto diet asks you to switch things up and consume more fat, ultimately causing your body to burn it naturally as fuel.

All About Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet or keto diet has been quite a fad lately. It has been in media, people talk about its health benefits but few understand it clearly and only the serious dieter knows how it works. Ketogenic refers to the state your body enters when you go on this sort of diet. Your body goes into a state called ketosis which gets its name because your body in this state produces something called ketones. In order to get your body to the state of ketosis, you severely restrict your carb intake and you keep your protein intake moderate. You don’t want to go too high but you do want to go hard on your fats.

Keto Diet Foods. The State of Ketosis

For example, let’s say every morning you get up and you need your spaghetti for breakfast to get going, you grab a sandwich for lunch and for dinner you have fried rice. You are eating too many carbs and need to change your eating habits. The right amount of carbs for a ketogenic diet is anywhere from 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day depending on your body type. This is the way to get your body in the state of ketosis. In this state your body produces what’s called ketones and in the absence of carbs your body can’t use glucose as its main energy source anymore. Thus it starts producing ketones to replace it as the main energy source. 

Why do we have to be in Ketosis to really lose fat?

When you eat a lot of sweets and cakes it gives you a lot of glucose that your body now needs to use. And if you don’t use it all through exercise to burn it off, it gets stored because your body didn’t need it so it stores it as adipose which is fat. So using glucose as your primary energy source is fine but if you don’t use all the glucose there is a good chance you’re going to start gaining some adipose tissue. So how are ketones different and why do we prefer to use them instead of glucose? Well first of all ketones come from the breakdown of fat in the liver. So instead of using glucose you’re using fundamentally fat. You’re using your fat as your energy source. Why do we have to be in ketosis to really lose fat? It’s because of the insulin levels. When you eat the sweet cake your glucose levels go up, but so do your insulin levels because insulin is responsible for transporting the glucose throughout the bloodstream.

Your Fat as Your Energy Source

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Why do we have to be in Ketosis to really lose fat?

When your insulin levels are high, it makes it very hard for your liver to break down fat. So when you enter ketosis and you’re not digesting sweet cakes your insulin levels are dropping as well, which in turn makes it so your liver can break down the fats more easily. In essence you’d just start using your fat as your energy source. That is why ketones are a good and how you enter ketosis.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when doing a ketogenic diet is their protein intake. It has to be moderate. It can’t be super high. And the reason for that is when you have so much protein and you don’t have any carbs coming in, your body starts breaking down protein as its energy source. This process is called glucose neo genesis. This is not good for you because your body is literally eating your lean muscle mass. So you have to be very careful when taking in your protein and you must keep it at an average level.

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Another common mistake is eating fruits. Fruits are pretty damn high in carbs and you have to pretty much avoid fruits when on a ketogenic diet. A lot of people expect to hear this or really know how to adapt to because you grow up being taught that fruits are very good for you. But in this case you need control fruit intake!. And then the last huge mistake people make on a ketone diet is not getting enough of the right fats. If you’re not taking in enough fat you’re not going to be burning fat. You’re just not going to really be succeeding in a keto diet. So you have to make sure that you’re eating a lot of fat. And for some people that’s pretty hard because you grew up being taught that fat makes you fat. Fat does not make you fat. That myth was started about 50 or 60 fucking years ago when obesity really started to become a problem because of all the sugar in the food and people started to take notice. So then companies that used a lot of sugar in their products, they started to shift the blame on the fat instead of the sugar to keep sugar looking innocent. People think fat is an inherently bad thing.

keto diet foods

This was a summarized version of how keto works. We did not discuss in detail how the process works and how the enzymes break down. This is a simplified version that most people can understand what it is and how it works. There are many health benefits and research that support fat loss, reduction of insulin levels, improved mental focus and blood pressure. If you are curious about a keto diet or thinking of starting one, do your own research and learn how to do it right.

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